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Latest Plug-ins Update News

3DD-MeshReknitter 1.05 : For long-time users who value even old items, a piece of gift rescued from the good old NewTek Forums that disappeared.

Compatibility with LightWave 2023 and Native Apple Silicon Support : We have released updates for all our products, which provide compatibility with LightWave 2023. 3rd Powers plug-ins for macOS now natively support Macs with Apple Silicon (M-series chips). They run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel-based Mac computers.

3D Sticker 1.04 : While you stretch the placement grid in Translate mode, the number of segments in the grid will change automatically and dynamically. Elements in background layers other than polygonal faces and patches, such as one-point polygons, two-point polygons, curves, Metaballs and Skelegons can also be duplicated.

MetaMesh 1.14 : Regularly modified and improved the Meta-Meshing algorithm.

CageDeformer 1.11 and LatticeDeformer 2.02 : Fixed an issue that could cause Layout to crash when loading a scene with embedded Metamorphic data.

Compatibility with LightWave 2020 : We have released updates for all our products, which provide compatibility with LightWave 2020 by adding support for the changes.

Compatibility with macOS Catalina 10.15 : All of 3rd party plugins need to be notarized by apple, to run by default since macOS Catalina 10.15. There are update files available for users who want to use 3rd Powers plugins on the new macOS. If necessary, please download and re-install them.

3D Sticker 1.01, LW Brush 1.06, MetaMesh 1.12 and BooleanTool 1.04 :
Added support for Smoothing Groups the new feature in LightWave version 2019. The Smoothing Group numbers of polygons newly created by editing are correctly taken from those of the original polygons.

Paint Weights 1.05 : Fixed an issue where all elements in Layout’s viewports could not completely update immediately after painting weights, in LightWave 2018.0.4 or later. The maximum value of Strength in Blur mode has been increased to 150, which can make the smoothing effect dramatically more intense, especially effective for smoothing weights on a high polygon count object.

LW Brush 1.05 : LWB Smooth has been greatly improved. The new mesh smoothing algorithm allows you to get more desirable results without unnecessary extra mesh sliding and shrinking. The maximum value of Strength has been increased to 150, which can make the smoothing effect dramatically more intense. It also works desirably for meshes that have open edges. Since LightWave 11.5, when you are using any of the five tools, LWB Grab, Slide, Push/Pull, BandSaw and BandGlue, you can also smooth out the part of the mesh within the brush’s influence area by holding the Shift key down and left-clicking, instead of switching to LWB Smooth by clicking on the button on the toolbar. Fixed an issue where the weights of edges around cut polygons were lost after using LWB Knife to cut an edge-weighted CC patches model.

Paint Weights 1.04 : Fixed an issue that could cause a display size mismatch between the bones in Layout viewports and the bones in weight painting mode, in some cases when opening the tool in LightWave 2018.0.1 or later.

Heat Shrink Plus 1.02 : Added a new small tutorial into the reference document. Enjoy modeling more.

Paint Weights 1.03 : Fixed a problem that the Combine Weight Maps command could cause LightWave to hang or crash since LightWave 2018.

Paint Weights 1.02 : The Visibility drop down menu offers three options, Wire-framed Points, Weight Shaded Solid, and Weight Shaded Solid Wire, for determining how the weights of a selected object are shown in weight painting mode. The font size of characters for showing weight values can be increased and decreased by using the Point Size slider. You can quickly hide or unhide the bones of your character in weight painting mode, by clicking the Bone toggle button.

If you forgot how to download the 3rd Powers plug-ins, please contact support.

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