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Latest Plug-ins Update News

Cage Deformer 1.09 : Fixed a bug that the whole or portions of an object disappeared in rare case if you used 2-point polygons as a cage.

Cage Deformer 1.08 and Lattice Deformer 1.06 : The tool panel has become wider and more compact for ease of moving the panel itself around. When a new cage is created with the CageDeform Add command, the render settings for the reference object will be automatically adjusted to cause the reference object not to affect your rendered results in the scene.

Cage Deformer 1.07 and Lattice Deformer 1.05 : Also in the Scene Editor’s dope sheet, the shape keyframes for scene cages and lattices can be edited. It allows copying, deleting, quantizing, time shifting and time scaling of selection of keyframes. Left-clicking and dragging left/right on the scale button located at each side of the timeline let you interactively change the timeline range. You can also fit the timeline to Layout’s built-in timeline by right-clicking on the scale button. Improved the accuracy of the deformation calculations and the cage manipulating performance of the CageDeform Tool.

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